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Looking for a Simple, Fun and Effective way to improve the quality of your life?

Starting a thinger*do 10 day quest takes only a minute but the benefits can last a lifetime – especially if you have never tried focusing your intention on doing something positive for yourself for 10 straight days.

Here is how it works:

Small things done daily get big results:

This is different than a “resolution,” Where you make a promise to yourself and try and follow through by reminding yourself or casually telling friends and family what you are trying to do.

thinger*do uses daily email “click-ins” — you get an email each morning which asks you to re-focus and re-commit each day to what you have set out to do.

By clicking on the re-commitment link each day – you involve your physical body, which even though it is in a small way – is nonetheless designed to increase the speed at which your brain is creating and strengthening the neural pathways that are responsible for supporting your motivation, will power, self esteem and happiness.

A little click each day goes a long way! 

The Secret Sauce:

The “secret sauce” of thinger*do is that you can choose to invite someone you know to get automatic updates each day. It is one thing to casually mention to family or friends that you are trying to accomplish something, it is a whole new level when you know that each day, automatically your success ( or #fail ) will be sent to someone you know. 

It is fun!

Just starting from saying the name “thinger*do” you should get a sense that we believe in having some fun! Like any good game there are little surprises and things to engage your curiosity along the way.

Try: Increase Happiness – Compliment a stranger at least once a day for 10 days

 The best way to be happy, is to give happiness to someone else. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to do that for 10 days in a row! 

Start Now – $5


Try: Increase Health – Meditate for at least 5 minutes eavery day

The easiest way to be more healthy is to use meditation to de-stress, and allow your mind to unwind and relax. To meditate each day – just set the timer on your phone, or even just see if you can judge how long 5 minutes is. 

Try just doing nothing. Letting your mind know that for the next 5 minutes, it is on vacation. It doesn’t need to think, act, email, call or do or be anywhere. Thoughts will pop up, chatter may chatter, just let it happen and let it go. That is just your mind unwinding and becoming more still.

If that doesn’t work for you, count your breaths. One count for each breath in and out. If your mind wanders and you loose count, just restart at 1 and know that is bound to happen.

Or, use your favorite meditation technique.

Start Now – $5


Try: Increase Success – Plan each tomorrow, today

It is hard to understate the impact this can have. First, it makes you “brain dump” at the end of each day. Organizing what needs to be done tomorrow requires that you look back on today. You’ll sleep better when you mind isn’t still trying to work on what it needs to do tomorrow. Second, you start the day in action, while others are starting there day just figuring out what they need to do. Third, it helps you focus on what is important, so when the Urgent takes your attention, you still get the important done.  

Start Now – $5


How It Works

HOW it works:

thinger*do works via email because email is simple, works every where and you will not need to create (another) username and password to use thinger*do - nor do you need a fancy computer or phone. If you can check your email, you can use thinger*do!

Start by putting in your name and email address, then on the next page put in the thing you want to do / not do for the next 10 days.

Each morning, you will get an email with two links:

One link is “Success – move on” the other is “Restart back to Day 1″.

WHY it works:

The power of intention and attention

Simply by making the decision right now to fill out the form, you are going to greatly increase your odds of succeeding vs. just trying to self commit.

The fact that you know there is an email coming tomorrow asking if you succeeded or not raises your intention and your attention around accomplishing your daily goal.

This alone is very, very powerful, but then we-

Add a little help from a friend:

To increase your desire to succeed each day, thinger*do allows you to add in accountability — a way to really “GET LEVERAGE” on yourself by specifying someone you know to get updates via email.  

Such a simple and easy thing to do — but so incredibly powerful. Your friend has to do nothing. Simply the fact that you know updates are going to be sent, success or not, adds in a huge level of motivation for you. Now if your friend does want to help, he or she just has to reply to the email to send additional encouragement. Again, simple and easy. No logins, just email.

Note, NO EMAILS GET SENT until you click the confirmation link sent via email… so this is totally private, secure and controlled by YOU.

Or help from our robots:

Sometimes, you may want to tackle something that is too private to involve anyone else with. No problem! You can hire a robot to be there and keep you accountable. 


Every day that you keep that promise to yourself, little neural circuits are being formed and strengthened in your brain. These neural circuits are the same ones that are the foundations of things like will power, decision making and self esteem.

I don’t know anyone with real happiness that doesn’t have will power, confidence, and the ability to make good decisions. 

If you are like most of us, then when you say you will do something, and then you do it, you get a little satisfaction, happiness and contentment. It is hardwired into your brain because making and keeping promises to anyone, especially yourself, is lizard brain level survival instinct for a social being. 

So regardless of what you choose to do on thinger*do - just making it 10 consecutive days is going to have a positive impact on you. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself and see! 

Oh, and another way thinger*do is fun, is that you can just choose something fun to do every day – like give at least one compliment to a stranger every day, or give someone a hug every day. Get a laugh from at least one person a day.

Why not give it a go? It’s FREE!  More questions? See the FAQ.

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